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Wide Sargasso Sea

Posted in review, Watch TV Instead by Jimmy on August 17, 2009
Wide Sargasso Side Cover

Wide Sargasso Side Cover

Author: Jean Rhys

Three word summary: Dull, slow, disingenuous

Thoughts: From the beginning of this novel I was really sure what to make of it.  I’ve never been a fan of period dramas and, apparantly, this book is closey based on Jane Eyre.  It must be some kind of tribute to a book which I ‘ve never been tempted to read (“philistine”, I hear you cry!).  In any case, this book never really engaged me from the beginning.  I found it hard to get into and the story fairly uninspiring.  Although there are some interesting turns, the main character’s decent into madness doesn’t really seem very credible to me.

Mark out of 10: 2

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